On Saturday, August 2nd will welcome participants at the opening concert offered by David Martinez and the Orquesta de Extremadura, at 10:00 pm. Admission to this event is free for those enrolled in the Festival.

Guitar lessons will begin on Sunday, August 3rd  at 10:00 am,
and will take place in the Escuela Municipal de Música / Municipal School of Music (Plaza de España / Spain Square, Casco Histórico / Historic City Centre), and the Museo Cárcel Real  /  Real Prison Museum.

Active students will be taught by three teachers, being able to attend to all of them like listeners.

Each ACTIVE student will receive a total of three lessons with three different teachers.

Students will be able to express their two teacher preferences on the application form. The Festival organization will assign the 3rd teacher. The Organization will try to satisfy every student´s request when possible.