The lessons of guitar will begin on 2nd of August at 9:00 a. m., and will take place at the Municipal Arts Centre-Casa de la Cultura (Plaza de la Solidaridad / Solidaridad Square -Avenida Sierra de Gata / Sierra de Gata Avenue).

The lists including the timetable that corresponds to each student will be shown in the notice board at the Arts Centre and in the Web site that informs about the festival development that will be published in July.

The same day, at 22:00, PAVEL STEIDL perform the first concert.
Active students will be taught by two teachers, being able to attend to all of them like listeners.
The organization, according to the free vacancies, will designate two teachers who will give the lessons to each participant. Students can choose their teacher in the registration form in case we could assign them.

The guitar course is mainly addressed to students and guitarists of Average and Superior Degree , and to professional artists.

It will be announced the day of the draw to decide the performance order in the competition.